My name is Carina Nillson-Wikvist and I am located in Degerfors in the middle of Sweden were I live with my husband. My children have left the house and I have 2 lovely grandchildren. I have been breeding labradors since the middle of the 90is but for nearly 10 years ago I switched to papillon because og my body didn´t allowed me too keep big dogs in the shape that I want them. So for 9 years ago my first papillon, Gollum, came inte the house. I fell direct in love with the breed and since then I got more papillons. Now I have 7 papillons in the house and three who is co-owned. I go to dogshows with my dogs and also compeete in bloodtracking, obedience and rallyobedience. When I'm not working with my dogs I work as a nurse in an elderlyhome and I also hold handlingclasses för dogshows. So most of my life is with dogs, I really love to work with them and for me, the temperament is just as important as the look. If you are intrested of a papillon you can contact me on phone +46 76 7969 247 or mail me at

In february my daughter Elinore Wikvist become coowning this kennel